What We Do

We provide a specially designed program to end your procrastination in a short time.

The reason procrastination is so hard to stop is that there are over 20 different causes for it. Each type requires a different solution.

We have developed a unique behavioral system based on the most current research to make you aware of your patterns of procrastination in order to change the behaviors and thoughts that lead to it.

“Every time I have a project to do, I promise myself that I won’t leave it for the last minute... then I put it off”

“I’d rather watch the football game on TV than do my taxes.”

“I have to be in the mood before I decide to start a task”

“I will not go to the doctor because they might find something wrong.”

What does procrastination mean?

To stall, postpone, or delay an activity or action, often to the detriment of a person’s well-being or mental health.

What does procrastination mean to you?

Procrastination can have serious consequences on your life. It can affect your finances, your health, your success, your sense of well- being. Although it helps you avoid doing something you may not want to do at the moment, it costs you later. It keeps you under constant stress always trying to catch up.

Sometimes the costs of not doing something are very visible. You filed your taxes late and got a whopping penalty and interest. You were passed over for a promotion. Other costs are more subtle, but they all cost time or money or both.