College Program

Stop Procrastinating in your Education

Our full day program is presented at various colleges around the country. In this program you get an evaluation describing the type of procrastination that you have. There is a different intervention for each type.

Procrastination is rampant throughout American campuses. This is not surprising given the enormous amount of social and educational activities that students are faced with every day. However, this can lead to falling behind in the work that is required of you.

We offer full day programs at colleges across the country. By focusing on your specific situation we can assess which of the 20 types of procrastination behaviors you contend with. Once evaluated, we focus on the scientifically proven intervention techniques that work best for your type. You learn methods to change your patterns of procrastination which are reinforced using our interactive software.


“Why do I always wait till the last minute?” “Why am I always late on assignments?” “Why can’t I organize my life?” If these questions sound familiar, then finding out exactly what is holding you back is the necessary next step. We will perform an evaluation to pinpoint the areas of your behavior that reinforce your negative habits and give you the tools you need to get your life back on track.


As there are 20 different types of procrastination behaviors there are a variety of different methods to help an individual overcome those behaviors. Each program is customized to the individual to neutralize blocks that impeded a more productive life and change behaviors into ones that fortify the goal of not continually postponing that which you want to get done.

For instance, if you find yourself easily distracted from important tasks, then clearly defined goals and a system build to regularly center your focus may be the answer. If you frequently underestimate the time needed for a task, then training in time estimating is likely to provide the desired outcome.


By assigning specific tasks that are designed to change your behavior and challenge the patterns of thought which lead to procrastination we are able to build a strong foundation towards a more productive life.


You are not alone in your fight against procrastination.

We combine a proprietary software and personal contact to bolster your resolve to live the life you want to lead. With our support system you will have a way to easily and successfully manage your progress. We divide tasks into small steps to minimize stress and create a clearly marked path towards your goal. As a student’s life is busy, the program starts when you want it to. Once you do start, our online software will help with motivation and organization, and our support team will be there when you need them.